About Assata

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Assata R. first fell in love with the art of baking when she took her first home economics class at Philippa Schuyler Middle School. By the age of 11, she was baking, packaging, and sell her homemade cookies and candy to her classmates. From then on, with the guidance of the women in her family, she used food as a means of self-expression. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Hunter College, and Baruch College where she received her Bachelor’s degree. The learning didn’t stop there as she is still learning and teaching herself the language of food. Since 2017, those lessons have led Assata to a plant-based lifestyle – a lifestyle which is reflected in her food preparation.

“Like me, my menu is evolving.” As a health and nutrition consultant, she has begin to use her knowledge and 20+ year experience to help others discover the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. As a Craft Services Coordinator, she helps to feed tv/film/commercial production crews a variety of cuisines to keep them fueled on 14+ hour work days.

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