Q: Do you make customized cupcakes for special order?

A: Yes, I do! Please submit your  request on the contact page

Q: What is the shelf life of the cookies?
A: Shelf-life for cookies vary but, for the best taste, consume within 2 weeks of receiving your order.  For extended shelf-life of cookies, refrigerate or freeze. Cookies can be defrosted quickly using a low power setting on your microwave.

Q: Where can I find the nutritional information for your cupcakes?
A: I use a variety of ingredients in my cupcakes including milk, cream, butter, eggs, sugar, and flour. My cupcakes do not contain any preservatives or trans fats. Currently no other nutritional information is available for review.

Q: I have food allergies. Do you make anything wheat/dairy/nut free?
A: All products are made in a kitchen where nuts, dairy, and gluten are present. 

Q: Do you have any gluten-free items?
A: The macarons are gluten-free.

Q: Do you have any dairy-free items?
A: The granola bars are dairy-free.

Q: What shipping options are available?
A: All shippable items are shipped via USPS priority mail.  Delivery-only items are hand-delivered in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan only for a $5 fee.